COVID-19 Procedure

                                                                                           Play 2 Learn at St James Nursery Guidance for Parents

Protective measures to keep all children, parents and staff safe from

the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATED 10th November 2020

First and foremost, it goes without saying that the safety of your child and of our staff is our top priority. We are working hard, following the latest government guidance, to develop and implement a number of new ways of operating. This will allow us to work as safely as possible, focusing on measures that will help limit the risk of coronavirus transmitting within our setting.

Some of the steps that we will be taking are:

      ·   Asking that anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or who lives with someone who has symptoms does not attend the setting

         That includes children and staff who work here plus parents/carers who are dropping children off or picking up.  Symptoms are any one of the following:

·         A temperature over 38 degrees using a thermometer     

·         A new continuous cough      

·         Loss of/change in taste or smell

When children arrive at nursery we will be using a contactless thermometer to take their temperature.  If your child’s temperature is over 38’ they will not be allowed to attend nursery. They will need to go home and self isolate for 10 days.  Parents must contact 119 for advice or visit www.nhs/coronavirus. If your child has a positive test result they must stay at home for 10 days and the rest of the household much self-isolate for 14 days. If your child has a negative test and no-one in the house has tested positive, they can return to nursery.  If your child has a negative result but someone in the house has tested positive, your child must self-isolate for 14 days. Please call us to agree a return date.

·           If you have recently returned from overseas and you have visited a country that is not within the travel corridor you must follow the quarantine guidance, self-isolating at home for 14 days. Please check the guidance  If you are self-isolating due to travelling please can you contact us to let us know.


·           Adhering to social distancing when dropping off and picking up children. 2 metre markers will be in place on the pathway leading up to the Nursery and outside the gate. Due to space restrictions parents/carers will no longer be able to leave buggies onsite.  Please take your buggy home with you.


Staff will be wearing masks at the door when receiving children and sending them home again.  We would ask parents/carers to please wear a mask at this time.  Please do not be offended if we ask you show us your face.  This is to safeguard children.


·         Cleaning our hands more often than usual.  Children will wash their hands-on arrival and regularly throughout the day, supervised by staff.  We have developed routines to ensure children understand when and how to wash their hands, making sure they wash them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using running water and soap and dry them thoroughly, or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered.


·         Keeping our children in their age group “bubble” with the same staff everyday including lunchtimes.  Children will not play with the other age group.  This is to minimise the number of contacts as much as possible. The only time this will change will be if we have staff absence. Where this happens other members of our team who can work directly with children will be allocated a group that they cover. We will only use agency workers as a last resort and it will always be the same agency worker. 


·         Ensuring our children understand good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring a good supply of tissues and bins throughout the setting.


·         We will have selected resources out each day that can be easily cleaned, no soft toys, dressing up or soft furnishings. Each group will have its own set of resources that it uses. Children will be involved in choosing the toys/activities for the next week


·         Implementing an enhanced cleaning schedule, ensuring surfaces touched by children and staff are cleaned regularly and throughout the day, including tabletops, door handles and play equipment both inside and outside, child and staff bathrooms.


·         Asking parents and carers to physically distance from each other and from staff when dropping off and collecting their children and to limit drop off and collection to one parent or carer per household.


  • Asking children not to bring toys or other items from home to the setting, unless this is essential to their health and wellbeing.  Change of clothes bags should be bought in on your child’s first day and left in the setting.  Staff will tell you if the clothes have been used and need to be taken home for a wash and replaced.


·         Minimising talking time with parents/carers at drop off time so that we can get children into nursery as swiftly as possible.  Key workers or a member of staff will call you other week to give you an update of how your child’s settling and progress. 


·         We will be monitoring children throughout the day and any child who develops symptoms will be moved to a separate space with one member of staff and parents will be called to collect them immediately


·         In the event of a confirmed Coronavirus case we will follow Lewisham’s Early Years Setting Standard Operating Procedure for CoVid working with Public Health, Track and Trace and the DfE to  ensure that all contacts with that child/staff member are contacted and asked to self-isolate for 14 days.



What can parents and carers do to help?

There are a number of things that parents and carers can do to help us make these arrangements effective:

·         Do not bring your child to nursery if they or someone in their household has coronavirus symptoms.  Telephone us and tell us so that we may take any necessary action to protect others.  All children and staff are able to access a coronavirus test via the NHS if they have symptoms contact 119 or go to

·         Follow social distancing when dropping off/collecting children and wear a mask.

·         Do not bring toys or items from home except lunchboxes and water bottles. Bring a change of clothes bag in on the first day and leave it in the setting.

·         Give us up to date emergency contact details of at least 2 family members/friend who is authorized to pick up your children if they develop coronavirus symptoms. This person will need to be contactable at all times whilst the child is at nursery and they will need to be able to collect them immediately if your child has coronavirus symptoms. Please note that the contact may need to self-isolate themselves if they spend time with your child so it would be best if parent/carer whom the child lives with picks them up.

·         If your child arrives and is finding it difficult to enter the building and stay without you our team will guide you and help support you to manage this. If you are dropping off other children at school you will need to drop them off first or organise for someone else to take them. 

·         Call us if you need to speak to your child’s key worker or a member of staff. If they cannot talk immediately they will call you back as soon as they can.  If it is an urgent matter you can leave a message with the office. 020 8694 2571

We do thank you for working with us on this. We recognise that during this season many children will get common colds and flus but we have to follow the guidance from Public Health which is that anyone with one or more symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days and be tested.  We all have to follow the guidance to ensure that we do not put children, parents and staff at risk. So far we have not had any confirmed cases and we have remained open.  We really want to keep it this way throughout the coming months.  If we all work together we are confident that we have made the setting as safe as we possibly can.  We appreciate after reading all of this that you may have further questions.  Please do feel free to contact us at

Take care.


Julie and the Play 2 Learn at St James team



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